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I spent some time near Penzance in Cornwall to take part in and to document a trial run of  ‘The Path of the Sacred Human: A Shamanic Ceremony’, an experience at The Living Well Centre. I was there for just under a week as I had a long journey to get there, but the experience ran for a few days and I had my camera with me to capture some of what went on.

For me it was a powerful experience of dropping into deeper connection with myself and also with the nature and land around me. I truly felt cleansed by the energies of the land there, which has a very high percentage of quartz in the earth. For some reason I also found a new appreciation for birds, which is something I have taken away with me!

The process of the time there was all based around ceremony using the approach of the indigenous people of the North American shamanic traditions. Rachel Smart trained for 7 years to become initiated into these teachings and approach to life, which she embodies very deeply. These teachings bring us what in the modern world we have left behind – our connection with nature, the Earth, our emotions and the ability to be in presence with the whole of creation. These are the ways of the right brain, which many call ‘the feminine’, whereas the modern world has become so focused on the left brain, or ‘the masculine’, that we have lost touch with this other side of ourselves. If we do not reconnect with the half of us that we are neglecting we are ultimately heading in a very bad direction, because the planet we are relying upon for our own survival cannot keep being taken advantage of. This is just one reflection of the results of neglecting the feminine, but ultimately what is happening on the outside is showing us what we are doing to ourselves on the inside.

This process and experience at The Living Well is about bringing people back to how to live in harmony with the land and with ourselves. Through deep sharing we create a temporary community in which we spend time focused on particular intentions – what can we let go from ourselves that is no longer serving us? How can we connect with aspects within is that have become fragmented and which try to run our lives from an unhealthy place?

We learnt and practised various techniques from this particular Wisdom Tradition to explore ourselves and our connection to the Earth more deeply, as well as spending time together sharing wonderful home-made food, stories, dancing and yoga. We also had time to simply spend out in nature in our ‘power spots’ and did some other activites such as wild food foraging and a pilgrimage to a local holy well.

I found the experience deep, supportive and nourishing and truly enjoyed spending time on that particular part of the English earth. The women facilitating were really lovely people who all brought different skills and talents to help bring together the overall experience so that I felt held, seen and connected. I would recommend spending time at The Living Well centre for a retreat or simply staying in the accomodation there through air bnb.

Thank you everyone at The Living Well centre, the land and the Ancient Wisdom Teachings that you are bringing to this part of the world.

To find out more information please visit the website below:

The Living Well Centre

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