I offer 3 straight-forward video packages, which are designed for any short promotional videos, whether this is to gain you new clients or to simply spread your message to the world. These videos are designed to be shared online such as on Youtube or other social media sites.

PACKAGE 1 – Simple Video Package – £180

This package gives you a short video, up to 3 minutes long, that gets across your message in a simple and engaging way, whilst maintaining a sense of your own individuality. For this type of video I would come and interview you about what you do, as well as filming shots of where you work and ideally some shots of you ‘at work’ (although this can be set up; if you are a massage therapist, for example, you could have your partner or a friend posing as a client for the video). I would then edit together an engaging video that shows the world who you are, what you do and why they should be interested in your services or what you do.


PACKAGE 2 – Complex Video Package – £360

This package offers the same as the Simple Video Package, but it allows for more complicated projects that require more time to complete, and gives the possibility of a longer final video – up to 4 and a half minutes long. This option would be better for organisations or individuals who require more filming of what they do. For example, if you are a centre that offers various classes or workshops, it may be necessary to spend more time filming in order to truly capture what it is that you offer. Or maybe you have a more detailed message that you want to share and this requires more work in order to get it across effectively.


PACKAGE 3 – Multiple Simple Videos – £480

This package offers the opportunity to get multiple videos for a reduced cost. You can get up to 3 simple videos, as long as the filming is done in the same sitting. This would be a good option if you want to make a short series of videos, or if you would like to have separate videos where you talk about different services that you offer.



If you would like to hire me to work on projects that do not fit well into the packages offered above you can hire me by the hour. My rate is £22/hour and I am available for all or any aspects of the video-making process, which could include:

  • Camera work / filming and audio recording
  • Editing
  • Post-production
  • Motion graphics

If you are not sure whether I can help you with something, please get in touch and ask me any questions that you like!