Alchemy of the Soul

This animation explores the theme of Alchemy tied in with other spiritual traditions. Using symbolism I have created a journey through the chakras and the 7 stages of ‘The Great Work’. Explore the elements of fire, air, earth and water, as well as the fifth element within all things, known as the ‘ether’ or the ‘spirit’. Also witness as the snakes of the kundalini energy make their way from the root chakra all the way up to the crown over the course of the video, as our alchemist works step by step through the stages of calcination, dissolution, separation, conjunction, putrefaction, distillation and coagulation. This is the work of the soul, as we break down our ‘false-self’ and find our way back to our ‘true-self’ within, which is wholeness, purity and love.

Music Tracks are from the ‘Cosmic Chants for 7 Chakras’ Album available for free at meditativemind.org/special-gift/

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